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APSP2022 Conference Date: 29 - 30 August 2022
Assist Prof. yun-jeong kim
Assist Prof. Benso Sulijaya
Prd. AR Pradeep
Prof. Shaili Pradhan
Prof. Hom-Lay wang

The 14th APSP aimed to propel the advancement of knowledge in the field of periodontology and implantology.

Meeting Theme

Periodontal Innovations and Solutions for the 21st Century

Invited Speakers

Professor Hom-Lay Wang
(Keynote speaker)

University of Michigan, USA

Title to talk :
"Advancement in Bone Augmentation"

Professor Takanori Iwata
(Keynote speaker)

Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan

Title to talk :
1) "Periodontal Regeneration with Cell Sheet Engineering"
2) "Bacterial Analysis between Periodontitis and Peri-implantitis"

Professor Emeritus Mark Bartold

University of Adelaide, Australia

Title to talk :
"Inflammation-Mediated Polymicrobial-Emergence and Dysbiotic-Exacerbation (IMPEDE) Hypothesis"

Professor Rangsini Mahanonda

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Title to talk :
"Potential Application of mRNA-based Therapeutics for Periodontal and Peri-implant Regeneration"

Professor Wenjie Hu

Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology, China

Title to talk :
"Alveolar Ridge Preservation Following Extraction of Molars with Severe Periodontitis"

Professor Shaili Pradhan

National Academy of Medical Science, Nepal

Title to talk :
"Horizontal Ridge Deficiency: Restorative Challenge in Anterior Maxilla"

Assistant Professor Oyunkhishig Khishigdorj

Mongolian National University of Medical Science (MNUMS) School of Dentistry, Mongolia

Title to talk :
"Effect of Mongolian Mumie Extract on Periodontal Condition"

Professor Satoru Yamada

Tohoku University, Japan

Title to talk :
"PLAP-1/asporin is a Key Molecule in Association with Periodontal Disease and Obesity-Related Metabolic Disorders"

Clinical Assistant Professor Ho King Lun, Dominic

University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Title to talk :
"Enhancing Prognosis of Severely Periodontally Compromised Tooth with Periodontal Regeneration"

Assistant Professor Benso Sulijaya

Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Title to talk :
"Periodontal Therapy, Aging Society, and COVID-19 Pandemic: Bridging Basic Research to Clinical Setting"

Assistant Professor Yun-Jeong Kim

Seoul National University Gwanak Dental Hospital, Korea

Title to talk :
"The Latest Trend of Soft Tissue Evaluation Using Digital Technology"

Adjunct Associate Professor Benjamin T.K. Tan

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Title to talk :
"Detection of Sub-gingival Calculus"

Professor Rathna Vaithilingam

Professor Rathna Devi Vaithilingam

Title to talk :
“Periodontitis and Diabetes: The Malaysian Multidisciplinary Approach”

Associate Professor Thuy Thu Nguyen

University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Title to talk :
"Effect of Crown Lengthening Surgery and Botulinum Toxin A in Treatment of Gummy Smile"

Professor Po-Chun Chang

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Title to talk :
"Biomimetic Materials- The Prospect of Periodontal Regeneration"

Professor Fusanori Nishimura (SUNSTAR Special Session)

Kyushu University, Japan

Title to talk :
"Management of Periodontal Disease in Patients with Diabetes"

Professor A.P. Pradeep

The Oxford Dental College, India

Title to talk :
"TWEAK, IL- 6 and MMP-9: Novel Biomarkers Linking Stage III Grade B Periodontitis and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus"

Professor Warwick Duncan

Otago University Dental School, New Zealand

Title to talk :
“Healing of peri-implant bone defects in sheep femur using nanosilver-modified bone xenograft”